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Come join us at MVUUF, where...

  • You are supported in your personal search for truth and meaning
  • You are welcome here, whoever you are
  • You are invited to join with others to pursue peace and justice

At MVUUF, we are working on transforming ourselves, our community, and our world.

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A Welcoming Congregation...

As a Welcoming Congregation, we actively welcome LGBTQ people as full participants in the life of the church.

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We are committed to Standing on the Side of Love in our congregational life and our advocacy in the larger community.

Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations and the UUA's MidAmerica Region.

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Sunday Services - 11:00 a.m. (click sermon title for the description)

  • September 20 - A People So Bold: Taking Stock
    Rev. Greg Martin
    Rev. Greg Martin will inaugurate his ministry with us in a series of three sermons based on the book A People So Bold: Theology and Ministry for Unitarian Universalists, edited by John Gibb Millspaugh. (Please see details in my column in this month's Forum to obtain your copy of the book and join in the MVUUF community reading experience.)

    Today's theme examines the context in which we seek to undertake ministry in the year 2015 and beyond.
  • September 27 - A People So Bold: Catching Fire
    Rev. Greg Martin
    Unitarian Universalists have emphasized the "inner divinity" of the human being since our inception two hundred years ago. And yet we are complex beings entwined in an even more complicated world. We often participate, many times unwittingly, in an unjust social structure, and sometimes perpetuate the very evils that we deplore.

    This morning, as we tap into the spark within, we catch fire for a third way of political engagement, one based on cooperations rather than oppositions.
  • October 4 - A People So Bold: Poetic Partners
    Rev. Greg Martin
    The third and final sermon in the series focuses on equipping our Fellowship to engage in ministry for our time and place. Stories, especially those that need telling, poetry, music, and the visual arts, move us beyond mere knowledge to embodied action.

    Yet, by ourselves these actions often don't amount to much. Let's face it, Unitarian Universalists delude themselves if we think we're going to change the world all by ourselves. Partnerships with other people and organizations of faith and concern are needed for effective social change in today's world. Rev. Greg urges us to come alongside others for this morning.
  • October 11 - Escalating Inequality
    Rev. Greg Martin
    Escalating Inequality is a four-year Congregational Study Action Issue of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Our Social Action Committee is helping the congregation explore the ways deepening social and economic divides are harming our society and what we can do about it.

    Today, Rev. Greg Martin's sermon helps us reflect on our moral imperative to challenge this dangerous trend. We also honor long-time member and social justice advocate Pete Davis this morning on the eve of his move to a retirement community in another region of the country.
  • October 18 - Doing Justice
    Rev. Tracy Johannes, Community Organizer, LEAD
    LEAD (Leaders for Equality and Action in Dayton) provides and interracial and interfaith way for congregations in Montgomery County to work together to address injustice and create long-term changes in our community and institutions.

    Through shared listening, shared research, and shared action, LEAD has been successful, for example, in bringing the living wage to Dayton and getting bus stops at the Fairfield Mall. Rev. Johannes is a Lutheran minister who recently arrived in Dayton after spending eight years as the pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Muncie, Indiana.
  • October 25 - Changing the Story
    Rev. Greg Martin
    Using the work of David Kotten as a guide, Rev. Greg explores how stories shape our lives, especially the stories we tell ourselves around money. In fact, these stories can take on a sacred and powerful life of their own that we often fail to recognize.

    With human and planetary well-being at stake, it is time to change the story we tell. A new story has the potential to shape a Living Economy for a Living Earth.

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