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Social Groups at Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Smart Choices

Smart Choices is a social committee that encourages each of its members in our individual pursuits. We celebrate a monthly birthday lunch, enjoy field trips, and other various activities.

Small Group Dinners

Enjoy conversation, good food, and fun while getting to know others in the Fellowship. Groups of about 8 adults gather in each other's homes once a month, October through June, for dinner. Everyone brings part of the meal. New members are highly encouraged to participate - it gives you a great opportunity to become better integrated into the Fellowship, and it gives established members an opportunity to get to know you!

The year is divided into two cycles - the first cycle is October through February. Then we rearrange the members of the groups for the second cycle, which is March through June. All are invited to join, Fellowship members and friends alike.

Young Adult Group

Open to ages 18-35. Meets occasionally to share news about members' lives and plan social events.


MVUUF Men exists as a vehicle for organizing the next “Men Who Cook” fund-raiser and other "men's" activities within the Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. As we considered its charter we realized it could be so much more, and we decided to leave the door open for other future uses. Of course, our name begs the question, "So who's an MVUUF man?" We figure it's any member or friend of MVUUF who considers themselves man enough to put up with the rest of us.

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